Crystal Photographic Experiments

The new work of the scole mediums

These experiments are primarily attempts to see into, and capture a view into, other dimensions of existence. To be more precise, these views are more like frozen images or pictures, of different moments in time as we look into these dimensions.

Since our first experiment, we have conducted many more, progressing and building on what we have learnt. It seems that the possibilities are endless, as we modify and introduce other equipment into the experiments. It involves the use of some leading edge technology and can be quite complicated to set up. It is based on the idea that there are dimensions not only beyond our own but within them also.

By using a combination of electronic and photographic equipment coupled to image enhancement computer software (for magnification purposes only) we have been fortunate enough to obtain fleeting glimpses into these ‘other’ dimensions during our experimental sessions.

Examples of 'mirror' images


Non-mirror images

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